The Web development

Azay Karimli
2 min readMar 15, 2021

What is web development?


Web development is the process of the developing and maintenance of web pages or whole sites and makes sure that they are on air, look great and work fast and smoothly.

Web developers, or “devs” depends on the types of tasks and the platforms they are dealing with use a variety of coding languages.

The field of web development is generally broken down into the front-end (the user-facing side) and back-end (the server-side). Let’s dig into the details.

Front-end devs are responsible for layout, design, and interactivity using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They take a designed thought from the planning phase and transform it into reality.

All the visual aspects of the websites such as the drop-down menus, the font, and others are all merged by the front-end dev. They use several programs to bring together and structure elements, to look nice, and work seamlessly. The programs that run through a browser.

The backend developer engineers what is going on behind the scenes. This is where the technology needed to power the components which enable the user-facing side of the website to exist. The technologies are the server that hosts the website, an application for running it, and a database to contain the data. The backend dev uses programs to guarantee that the server, the application, and the database run easily together. The programs such as PHP, Ruby, Python, and Java.

Web design vs Web development.

One last thing web design and web development are not the same things. Web designers use various design programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create the layout and other visual elements of the website. Web Developers, on the other hand, take a website design and make a functioning website from it.

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